See why dietitians recommend our eggciting

products for Aged Care kitchens

  • Food safety – Our products are fully cooked or pasteurised, helping you to eliminate the risk of harmful bacteria from having raw eggs in your kitchen
  • Nutrition – Eggs help keep people fuller for longer, with 11 vitamins and minerals, including protein – perfect for those with smaller appetites
  • Patient care – Every product is easy to hold, chew and swallow
  • Quick, no mess – Ready to heat and serve in minutes, reducing the waste and mess of cooking from scratch
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Meal Solutions for
Aged Care

Making a difference for those with dementia

Perfect throughout the whole day

From classic breakfast options to lunch hits, and every snack in between our products can be used in a variety of applications, giving you the freedom of versatility for your menu.

Download our brochure or check out our Menu Inspirations page for our full range of recipes and menu ideas using our products.