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We understand that our customers (and in turn your customers) want the best eggs and the best fresh egg products, and that’s why, at Sunny Queen, we are proud of our reputation for delivering quality products across our range of shell eggs (for over three farming generations), ingredients and meal solutions. In case you were wondering, our Meal Solutions range is made up of innovative ‘heat and ready to serve’ sumptuous products including Omelettes, Gourmet Omelettes, Patties, Poached Eggs, Egg Bakes and Breggie Bakes, and are available in a range of delicious varieties.

The products in our Meal Solutions range are made with our fresh farm eggs, that have been pasteurised, to give our customers extra peace of mind, allowing you to take comfort while enhancing your menu, maximising your productivity and efficiencies and delivering exceptional taste.

Knowing that your success is our success, Sunny Queen Australia is deeply committed to ensuring that we provide you premium quality meals with the following benefits:

  • Only use the freshest farm eggs and quality ingredients
  • No added preservatives or added artificial flavours
  • Pasteurised
  • Certified SQF & HACCP
  • Cooked fresh, snap frozen and ready to heat and serve in minutes
  • Convenient for microwave, grill, combi or conventional ovens
  • Cost effective with no waste or mess
  • Provide solutions to drive growth and productivity for your business
  • Ability to offer Free Range and Cage Free eggs for customised products

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Restaurants and cafes.

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  • Consistent quality every time to satisfy your loyal guests

We understand the importance of providing a consistent quality product every time. Our restaurant and cafe customers have seen the benefits of using our products in their kitchen – with reduced labour costs, consistent quality, and no mess or fuss! The Sunny Queen Meal Solutions product range will give you the time you need to spend perfecting a dish.

See why dietitians love Meal Solutions for your busy cafe or restaurant kitchen

Catering services.

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  • Consistent quality every time to satisfy loyal diners

Whatever your catering needs are, rest assured that our products will help you minimise costs and maximise operational efficiencies. Our products have the versatility to be cooked in a variety of ways, from a Burlodge system to a combi oven or microwave. All Sunny Queen Meal Solutions products are made from pasteurised eggs from our farms, or fully cooked and HACCP approved.

See why dietitians love Meal Solutions for busy catering service.

Catering services
Aussie Schools

Aussie schools.

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  • Packed with the nutritional goodness and protein of fresh farm eggs
  • Healthy Kids Approved*
  • HACCP Certified

We understand the importance to schools and the wider community in providing students with meals that will give them the essential nutrients their growing bodies need. Our teams are working with schools to meet their nutritional standards and provide cost effective and tasty egg based options for school lunch menus.

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Health care facilities.

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  • HACCP Certified
  • NSW Health approved options available
  • Packed with the nutritional goodness and protein of fresh eggs

As nutritious as eggs are, there can be risks associated with serving eggs in a hospital and aged care facility. We work closely with many major hospitals located throughout Australia to provide egg products that deliver on nutrition as well as safety. Our innovative Meal Solutions are now catering to patients’ needs as well as hospital health and safety requirements. The benefits of using Sunny Queen products include increasing operational efficiencies and adding protein to the menu.

See why dietitians love Meal Solutions for health care kitchens. 

Health care facilities

*Selected products are Healthy Kids Approved.


The feedback from our chefs has been extremely positive. It is always nice to have a quality product that both staff and residents are happy with.

Warren Hannaford, Group Area Chef
Southern Cross Care (SA) Inc.
Testimopnial break line

We have been using Sunny Queen Omelettes and Scrambled Egg Mix and have found them well received by clients and staff. The product is consistent in quality and is economical to use because of the individual wrapping which leads to zero waste.

Marlon Crowther, Area Manager
Northern Food Service
Testimopnial break line

The Sunny Queen Meal Solutions range has fundamentally saved us time, which is crucial in a busy environment like ours where we like to put out great quality food, fast to ensure we’re providing our customers with a really great dining experience. The products are versatile and our customers have come to love them because they’re delicious and, for us, they come across as home-made meals.

Bill Ferg, Owner
Lobster Cave Restaurant
Testimopnial break line

We first saw the omelettes at a conference in Queensland and couldn’t wait to get set up as a distributor for Sunny Queen. We have been so impressed by the range of omelettes that are available that we offer the omelettes as samples at all of our promotional presentations, even our staff eat them for lunch! The product is so quick and convenient and makes a great addition as a meal or snack option on any menu.

Tara Lambert, Service Administrator
Nepean Food Services
Testimopnial break line

Eliminating raw eggs has helped save time and labour for our chefs meaning we can work on delivering a faster and more efficient service. It’s a great help to have pre-prepared egg meals, which are not only delicious and convenient, but ensures that my staff and I are providing customers with both safe and satisfying meals.

Heather Mansfield, Food & Beverage Operations Manager
Delaware North Adelaide Airport
Testimopnial break line

You know the food is great when it disappears from the bain-marie! That’s why we use Sunny Queen Meal Solutions – they taste great and meet our high standards of food safety and quality control. The products also add variety, which means we can have a vegetarian option with limited effort.

Michelle Brookes, Function Manager
Aussie Catering Company