Safety comes first.

At Sunny Queen we pride ourselves on the stringent Quality Assurance and Food Safety programs we have in place. To ensure we provide the best quality pre-prepared egg meal solutions we take food safety very seriously, and apply the following quality protocols across all our production sites:

  • High sanitation and cleaning practices
  • Removal of cracked and dirty eggs
  • Temperature-controlled storage and distribution
  • Microbiological testing
  • Strict biosecurity protocols
  • Animal welfare programs
  • Pest control programs
  • Traceability
  • Independent auditing of farms and grading floors
  • Accredited HACCP programs
Sunny Queen Food Safety

Our stringent Quality Assurance and Food Safety programs are further supported by the following certifications and accreditations:

We offer a wide range of high quality, innovative and delicious egg products that will enhance your menu and maximise your productivity, whilst also giving your business the peace of mind that you are serving only quality eggs that are either fully cooked or pasteurised, eliminating the need to use raw eggs, so real egg dishes can be served with confidence.

Food Safety

Our state of the art kitchen uses custom equipment, machinery and is certified to SQF and HACCP.

Food Safety Tick

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Food safety tips.

Eggs are an incredibly versatile, nutrient-rich food source enjoyed by millions of Aussies every day. To minimise food safety risks Sunny Queen recommends the following:

  • Do not use cracked or dirty eggs.
  • Shell eggs, once cracked, should be fully cooked before consumption.
  • Use pasteurised egg products for making sauces, batters, custards and other uncooked egg products.
  • Always sanitise benches and equipment to avoid cross contamination between raw and cooked products.
  • Always clean your hands thoroughly before and after handling eggs and egg products.
  • Follow the recommended storage, thawing and cooking/heating guidelines.